štvrtok 31. októbra 2013

Honey and ginger. However, when you taste it, you'll find there is something more... Is it cinnamon, clove or anise? 

The delicious blend of spices has always been an essential ingredient of my Christmases. And so has the preparing of sweets and biscuits. We set up our small gingerbread-manufacture two years ago with the initial idea of baking some flavoury gifts for our friends. As the idea developed and the measures increased, we started to bake gingerbreads for Easter, too. Our gingerbreads are biscuit-like spicy sweets, prepared according to the traditional recipe of the family and coated with sugar glazing.

Have a look at our Christmas and Easter photo albums. I hope they will be inspiring :) and if you'd like to have some Kandelaber gingerbreads, send a message to kandelaber.mezeskalacs@gmail.com.

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